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Words from Lucas' Mother:

My son Lucas was the self-described, spoiled youngest sibling of 3 children. His older sisters Danielle and Julia were his heroes, but also his fall guys. He knew this fact and took full advantage.

His beautiful smile, heart and soul were infectious. His wit and irreverence were admirable.

He loved his home; he loved his family with all his heart. He loved his bed, he loved his friends, he loved his dogs, he loved his snacks, he loved writing, he loved music, he loved history, and he loved his blankets. He always encouraged his friends, did a little dance, told a joke to lighten the mood, to make people smile. And maybe for a moment, forget their own struggles.

The painful truth was that Lucas lived and struggled with Depression and Anxiety.

But he asked for help, he wanted help. He was his own advocate. Be like Lucas, if you need help. Ask. Keep asking.

We miss and mourn Lucas every single minute, of every single day. In his too short 16 years on earth, he inspired many people to stay, even if just one more day.

Tomorrow needs you. 

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